Rose Dr. in Moss Point floods yet again

Rose Dr. in Moss Point floods yet again

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Residents of Rose Dr. in Moss Point are cleaning up yet another mess left behind by Sunday's torrential rain. The neighborhood went underwater once again, despite a recently completed $1.5 million drainage improvement project.

Some of the people who call Rose Dr. home are left wondering if things will ever change.

One day after the rain, drains are still bubbling over and brooms are still sweeping up the mess. Homes took on water, and appliances are left outside to dry out.

It was so bad, people called for help. One of them was Jimmy Rodgers.

"Around 1:30 it started raining again, and we got more rain. So, after 3:30, it got so bad my daughter and I got out. We got rescued yesterday by the fire department," Rodgers recalled.

A drainage ditch behind the neighborhood hasn't been touched in years. Resident Tonie Mack wants that taken care of.

"They need to take all of this out and dig out all these trees and clean this ditch. I believe that would help the water problem," Mack said.

Cars traveling the street contributed to the problem, according to resident Mary Jones.

"We just has some water come rushing under the front door. The waves of the traffic. And this is about the third or fourth time we've gotten water in the house," said Jones.

Speaking of cars, some took a bath, as Darrell Pettaway explained.

"My stepson had come from Texas, and he tried to get out to move his car to higher ground. And then what happened? Evidently, he took off a little too fast and he got his car flooded," said Pettaway.

With as much as nine inches of rain falling in six hours, some people knew what was going to happen. Florence Jones is in that camp.

"With all the water, there was no way we could keep the water out of the house. There was no way. So, we had to pull out all the rugs out of the house, all the clothes out of the closet and try and clean up as best we can," Jones said.

With all the water, some were trapped one way or the other, according to Shaketa Reese.

"I had to stay with my brother-in -aw until about 10 o'clock, and all the water went away by then. Other than that, if you were here, you were stuck in here, and if you weren't here, you couldn't get here. It was terrible," said Reese.

That's probably the best way to describe the deluge.

We did talk with Mayor Mario King about the situation on Rose Dr. He told us he hopes to have the drainage ditch behind the neighborhood cleaned out within a few weeks, and that should help alleviate some of the flooding.

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