NWS confirms EF 1 tornado hit Chevron refinery

NWS confirms EF 1 tornado hit Chevron refinery

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - The National Weather Service has confirmed an EF 1 tornado hit the Chevron refinery in Pascagoula on Sunday, injuring one person and damaging a metal structure.

NWS says the tornado was a waterspout that moved onshore with maximum winds estimated at 100 mph. The 100-yard wide twister tore along the ground for one mile.

Chevron spokesman Alan Sudduth said the person who was injured is doing well and getting the necessary medical treatment. The structure that was hit was only a metal roof covering and is not something that impact's the facility's operations, Sudduth said. Chevron executives are doing damage assessments.

Jackson County Emergency Services Director Earl Etheridge said Chevron did not report the possible tornado to the county's emergency management agency.

Etheridge said he expects Chevron to be like every other Jackson County citizen. If people at the refinery see something like a water spout or a tornado that can be a threat to the public, he expects Chevron to call his office. That has not been Chevron's policy in the past, Etheridge said.

Sudduth said calling Jackson County EMA will be a part of Chevron's protocol moving forward. Sudduth said Chevron's partnership with EMA and the Jackson County community is important.

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