Long Beach homes flood during heavy rainfall

Long Beach homes flood during heavy rainfall
Flooding is not a new issue for residents in the area. (Photo source: WLOX)
Flooding is not a new issue for residents in the area. (Photo source: WLOX)

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - Flood waters led officials to close portions of Klondyke Road in Long Beach on Sunday. But according to residents, it didn't stop drivers from pushing water into their homes.

Early on, police began putting up roadblocks as flood waters covered the pavement near Pineville and Klondyke roads. For residents in those areas, it's not a new issue.

"Every time it starts flooding, the ditches fill up and houses get flooded," said Charles Hopkins.

Hopkins spent his day directing traffic and trying to slow cars down as they approached the flooded roads.

"I try to get them to slow down so it doesn't throw wake inside the neighbor's homes," he said.

Ellis Scarborough's home took damage in a storm earlier in the year. That damage was made worse by on Sunday. Flooding combined with the portion of the road remaining open is dangerous to his home.

"My main complaint is that the City of Long Beach will not put a barricade down here at the corner of Klondyke and Larosa when the other end of it's blocked off," Scarborough said. "But they will not block it off right here for us to keep the people from putting the water further up into our house."

The fire department and city officials did arrive later Sunday and begin directing drivers to turn around, essentially closing Klondyke from Larosa to Pineville, but Hopkins thinks there is more that can be done.

"I called the alderman about two weeks ago and he's supposed to come out and take a look at the ditches to see if they can dig them out, and possibly help with the drainage issue," said Hopkins.

Liza Johnson traveled from Diamondhead to help her friend clean up.

"We have a Shop Vac, so we took our shop vac to help her. She had a whole room underwater," said Johnson.

As the rain began to slack up, the drains could be seen doing their job. The water was finally going down, a bit slower than it had come in.

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