Thousands walk to end breast cancer

Thousands walk to end breast cancer

BILOXI, MS (AP) - A sea of pink flooded the streets of downtown Biloxi as thousands came out to support putting an end to breast cancer. With survivors on the front line to lead the way, thousands boldly stepped forward to fight another battle in the war against breast cancer.

Gail Watson, a 12-year cancer survivor, was one of those leading the way. Watson said she was blessed to not have to go through her battle alone, which is why she is more than happy to fight for those who can't fight for themselves.

"Every one of those women out there, and very few men, of course, but every one of those women, once you meet them, they are your sisters. You don't forget them. You pass them in everyday life if you're lucky enough to see them in a store or on a street, and it just feels warming to know that there are so many of us to stick together," said Watson.

Saturday's mission was about highlighting the unsung heroes, but it wasn't hard to spot a few superheroes in the sea of pink.

Danielle Anderson, an American Cancer Society committee member, was dressed as Wonder Woman for the walk. She believes the best way to help is to just show up and help out.

"Sometimes when you're doing things like this, you think, 'Am I the only one or am I really making a difference?' But when you see everybody coming together, it's beautiful to know there are so many people working toward finding a cure," said Anderson.

Events like this walk have been happening all month, and the money raised really makes a difference. Last year's walk raised more than $260,000 for cancer research and treatment.

In its latest study, the American Cancer Society reports that breast cancer deaths have dropped nearly 40 percent since 1989. The organization credits that number to the millions of dollars raised and the thousands of brave people who continue to search for a cure.

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