31st Annual Fall Muster brings history to life at Beauvoir

31st Annual Fall Muster brings history to life at Beauvoir

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The thunder of cannons and rattle of musket fire shook the grounds at Beauvoir on Saturday for the annual Fall Muster reenactment.

The Beauvoir property was transformed into a Civil War battlefield, complete with weapons, tents, and reenactors in period attire.

People in historical costumes spent Friday night sleeping on the grounds in preparation for the weekend event. Reenactor Patricia Salassi said she enjoys keeping history alive, despite the recent uproar over Confederate monuments in certain parts of the country.

Salassi said some of her ancestors fought for the Union, and some fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War.

"We have to preserve history, because you can't change history, as much as some nowadays are trying to. So, we try to show the truth about what was going on in that time period," said Salassi.

For reenactor Michael Moore, the weekend is all about putting on a good show for the audience.

"They're historians too, and they like to come out and see a show, and that's what we try to give them," said Moore.

Before the fighting starts, the reenactors like talking to the visitors about what this event stands for. But once the battle begins, they become soldiers thrust into the middle of the Civil War. The soldiers go through troop movements and calls, showing onlookers what a real Civil War battle may have looked like.

"It educates them. It gives them a brief glimpse into history and what the war was about," said federal reenactor John Eaks.

The authenticity of the reenactment is true from the weapons down to the heavy wool jackets.

"It's hot," said federal reenactor James Young. "Down here it is hot wearing this wool, but this is what they would have worn. It's more of a durable material for that time period. This is what they would have worn."

The Fall Muster runs Saturday and Sunday, with reenactments on both days.

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