JCUA being investigated by FBI, county supervisor confirms

JCUA being investigated by FBI, county supervisor confirms

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Jackson County Supervisor Randy Bosarge confirmed to WLOX News Now the Jackson County Utility Authority is being investigated by the FBI.

Bosarge served on the JCUA board for about seven years before becoming a county supervisor. He tells us he was interviewed by federal investigators about a month ago.

"There's nothing wrong," Bosarge said.  "I can assure you, my seven years on the board, there was nothing illegal going on. I'll stand by the board 100 percent."

Bosarge said he feels the federal probe stems from a lawsuit filed against the JCUA by four cities over whether they were overcharged for sewage service. That lawsuit, filed in August 2016, is still pending.

"I can assure you there is nothing to it," Bosarge said Friday.

4 Jackson County cities file lawsuit against JCUA

Bosarge feels the investigation was "stirred up by a couple of people who want to control the utility authority." He didn't elaborate on who those people are, other than saying he believes city leaders want more oversight of the Jackson County Utility Authority.

Currently, the seven-member board is made up of appointees selected by each Jackson County city, plus three appointments from the county.

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