Narcan delivered to Harrison County Sheriff's Department

Narcan delivered to Harrison County Sheriff's Department

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Harrison County leads the state in opioid prescriptions. In 2016, there were a little over 203,000 residents in the county with more than 266,000 opioid prescriptions written.

Thursday morning, a special delivery to the Harrison County Sheriff's Department made the fight against opioid addiction on the Coast even stronger - two dozen doses of Narcan.

"This will save their life while we're waiting on medical to get to the scene, so this will save their life prior to medical even getting there," said Harrison County Sheriff Troy Peterson.

With more types drugs available than ever before, Sheriff Peterson says it's time to fight it with something that has no side effects other than reversing overdose.

"It's a drug that has been tested that will not hurt you if you're given this, even if you're not on opioids," said Peterson.

One hundred doses of the spray were given to the Harrison County Sheriff's Department as part of a $400,000 federal grant issued to the Gulf Coast Mental Health Center. But according to the director of the center, Shelley Foreman, that's only part of the grant's benefit.

"This will save their life. But then, obviously we would like to help people get off opioids," said Foreman.

A large portion of the grant is also helping addicts in the recovery process. Around 45 people with the Sheriff's department were trained to use Narcan, and will now begin carrying the life saving drug with them.

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