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Fire Leaves Saucier Family Seeking Help

A Saucier family who lost nearly everything it owns in a recent fire is turning to you for help.

On Sunday, Lela Penton Waggoner rummages through what's left of her Saucier home.

On the morning of July 15th, she watched helplessly as a fire destroyed the mobile home she shared with her daughter and 14-year-old grandson.

"I just thank God that my grandson and I weren't in there because they said we would not have made it out of the trailer. It went that fast. But it didn't seem like that to me when it burnt," Penton-Waggoner said.

Sunday was the first time Lela's daughter, Tammy, laid eyes on the destruction.

"I never thought in a million years I would lose this. This was home to me. I mean, we've lived all over the coast most of my life, and we moved out here in 1994, and I felt at home, at peace, you know. I could always come home. Now there's no where to go," Benton said.

Now the three family members are without a home of their own, depending on different friends and relatives for a place to stay.

"I know that it's going to take a lot of time, and a lot help from family, friends, and the kindness of strangers to get through this," Penton Waggoner said.

She is no stranger to adversity.

She's a lung cancer survivor, but she says recovering from this tragedy may be her most difficult challenge yet.

"I've got to do it, suck it up and do it, that's the way I was brought up, you carry on. But it's hard, hard," she said.

Officials say an electrical problem is the cause behind the fire.

You can help Lela Penton Waggoner and her family by making a donation at any Hancock Bank branch in South Mississippi.

The fire fund is set up under Lela Penton Waggoner's name.

By: Toni Miles

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