Biloxi Residents Wonder How Much Project Will Cost Them

A project underway to fix drainage problems in the Petit Bois area is causing another kind of headache for residents.

Some neighbors say they were not expecting to have their trees and fences removed as part of the nearly one million dollar project.

Now their wondering what else they'll have to give up. A meeting on Monday night should provide those answers.

Biloxi homeowner Curtis Greer says the city notified him there was a chance he "might" lose his fence to a drainage project behind his home.

On Friday, he found out it was more than just a possibility.

"There is something seriously wrong when a resident has to wake up to the sound of chainsaws taking their fence down as a notification that was actually going to happen," said Greer.

Now Greer says he's found out that losing his fence is just the beginning.

"There are 29 red tip bushes that outline my property line, my back property line. I have a huge live oak tree and I have another tree. I've been told all that is going to have to be cut down," Greer said.

Cutting down trees and fences, and the excessive noise are just some of the complaints councilman Tom Wall says he's been getting from Petit Bois neighbors.

However, he believes replacing a ditch plagued with rats and poisonous snakes with underground pipes will greatly benefit the community.

"I think the great majority of them are happy with what's going on," said Wall. "They know that they have some sacrifices to make. The majority of people are just grateful to get this done. Some of them feel like it's been to much of an imposition on them."

Greer says the impositions would be easier to take if he knew how much he'd be giving up beforehand.

"I don't know a single person in this area, none of the neighbors I've talked to object to the project," he said. "As a matter of fact, we've been demanding that the city do something since I moved here in 1993. The problem has been a lack of communication in informing the residents on what was going on. Also in making sure they know the impact that it's going to have on them. Unfortunately that hasn't happened."

The meeting will be a chance for neighbors to sit down and talk to city officials. It is scheduled for 5 PM at the Donal Snyder Community Center.