Ocean Springs working on annexation plan

Ocean Springs working on annexation plan

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - The current leadership in the City of Ocean Springs realizes that growth is important to ensure financial security.

Mayor Shea Dobson and the board of alderman are putting together plans to initiate an annexation of portions of Jackson County.

"It's Highway 57 out to about I-10, we would take all of Ocean Springs Road. For me, it's just pride for Ocean Springs High to be in the city limits and making sure they're part of the community," Dobson said.

Annexation can fan the flames of opposition; with plans appearing to have little resistance.

"As far as pushback, I'm seeing very little. I have not had any towards me personally. I don't if some of the Alderman have had any. Everybody seems excited about joining the city of Ocean Springs," according to Dobson.

A version of the annexation plan has been talked about in the past, so some infrastructure is already in place to make action move smoothly.

On the northern end, Ocean Springs thinks it's important to have access to the city near the Highway 57 and I-10 interchange. That property would only be on the west side of the highway, so it would not infringe on Gautier's sovereignty.

Of course, as Mayor Dobson says, it's critical to actually have the high school in the city limits rather than on a slice of county property.

Officials plan to make sure transparency is a big part of the process.

"We're going to be holding town halls and speaking with everybody. We want to make sure when people ask us questions about the specifics, that we have all the answers ready," said Dobson.

The next step is to prepare a legal strategy to take the annexation case to court.

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