B.B. King Prepares To Jam In Biloxi

It's hard not to let the good times roll when you're in the presence of music royalty, and that's exactly what fans get when they meet or simply see the one and only B.B. King.

The blues legend is in South Mississippi to perform in a benefit concert.

The funds from the event will be used to develop the B.B. King Museum and Delta Interpretive Center in Indianola.

However, he is simply happy to be home.

"It feels very good. I'm happy to be home. And then what we're trying to do and what everybody is working so hard to do makes me happier than I normally would be," said King.

For blues fans, B.B. King has been flying high in the music industry for 60 years now, but Mr. B.B., which stands for Beale Street Blues Boy, never thought he would live to perform this long.

"First place, I never thought I'd live as long as I have. If you met me 40 years ago , I wouldn't have bet you that I'd live to be even 60. Why? Well, I'd been in 18 automobile accidents, never had one myself, always somebody dumped me out, and I learned to fly airplanes, so many things I did was sort of daring but I'm happy to be here," said King.

So it leads you to wonder - what has kept him singing the blues all this time?

"One thing I happen to be lucky enough to have a job that I like. I'm crazy about my job and I get paid for it. I tell you what, I'd do it for nothing if somebody else would pay my bills but don't tell the boss," said King.

And I also found out that luck isn't the only thing that gives this man a thrill.

"I noticed that you ladies look prettier to me now than ever before," said King.

As for Lucille, his guitar, King says she was resting at the time, but she will definitely make an appearance Saturday night at the Coast Coliseum.