Why are D-1 schools overlooking OLA volleyball standout Emma Funk?

Why are D-1 schools overlooking OLA volleyball standout Emma Funk?

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - Our Lady Academy takes aim on a 6th straight State Championship beginning 5:30 Thursday hosting McLaurin in first-round action in the Class I ranks.

Senior Emma Funk headlines the 29 and 4 Crescents of head coach Mike Myers.  She's had an incredible volleyball career with 2-thousand-234 kills and 273 blocks.

Despite those outstanding statistics most Division One schools have looked the other way.  Coach Myers say's those schools are making a mistake.  He says a lack of so-called height is the main reason schools in the SEC aren't pursing Funk's volleyball talents.

Coach Myers said, "They won't take a chance on somebody who doesn't have the size.  She's definitely to me the best player I've seen in the 18 years that I've coaches.  She just an incredible volleyball player. When you get to D-1 you're going to be playing 6-foot-3 and 6-foot-4 players."

Emma admits when she first started playing high school volleyball at OLA, she had a goal of continuing her career in college somewhere in the SEC.

Funk said, "Whenever you get to the really big schools, especially SEC schools, everyone is really tall.  I play in the middle and they are especially tall at that position and that's what I was looking for, to play in the Southeastern Conference.  So, I later realized it would be a long-shot for me."

She decided to use volleyball to help her receive a great education and plan for the future away from volleyball.

"I just really try to work on my athleticism and being quick, "said Funk.  "In the end there's always a right plan and a right place.  I'm looking at Division III schools and they are stronger when it comes to academics and a better college for me.  It's always been more about what I'm going to do after college, after volleyball and trying to use volleyball to help build me up to that point."

Funk says she's considering Trinity University, Oglethorpe University, Berry College and Rhodes College.

Her main focus right now is the Crescents next volleyball game and trying to close out her senior season with another state championship.

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