Visitors flock to Gulf Islands National Seashore

Visitors flock to Gulf Islands National Seashore

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - Like so many other places along the Mississippi Sound, Gulf Islands National Seashore received its share of scars from Hurricane Nate.

The park is now back open, and getting a lot of attention. It doesn't even look like a hurricane ripped through just a week ago.

Rangers started cleaning storm debris on Monday. By Friday, Gulf Islands National Seashore was back open and visitors have been rolling in.

"It's been really awesome because we're getting a lot of questions about the effects the storm had on the park; what areas of the park are still open and closed," said Park Ranger Chris Bramblett. "The visitors especially our local visitors use this as a community space so they can enjoy the outdoors right in their backyard."

The first campers arrived on Saturday morning. Neeka King says she thought there would still be storm damage lying around to ruin the weekend.

"That worried me that it would not be open. I was waiting on the phone call for them to cancel on us," said King.

But, it all worked out.

"It was a lot of fun. We really liked it here. This is our first time visiting this particular park. It was a really nice camping area," King added.

Some of the boardwalks and piers along Davis Bayou will remain off limits until the damage can be assessed by a team of engineers. That goes for the barrier islands of the Coast, too.

"West Ship Island took the most damage. Parts of the boardwalk were completely washed away and parts of our pier were destroyed also," noted Bramblett.

There's no word yet as to when repairs will be made, which is why activity on the islands have been suspended until further notice.

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