Moss Point Kids Cleaning City Up

You've probably never seen this, kids counting pieces of trash. But these Moss Point trash picker-uppers are on the move. They're searching for anything, bottle tops, cans, pieces of paper, you name it.

"My favorite thing was when I found one of them bones," summer camper Malik Jackson says.

It doesn't matter what it is, if it's on the ground, it's going in the bag.

The kids are trying to win a game and clean up the city at the same time.

"We're trying to keep Moss Point beautiful," summer camper Dani Stallworth says.

Camp coordinator Donna Joseph says the students have been learning about the environment all week. She's surprised the heat hasn't wilted their enthusiasm.

"I tell you, I was so surprised myself. I just knew we were going to get some whiners. We were going to get some, 'Hey is it time yet?' But no, I had to tell them time was up," Joseph says.

Mayor Xavier Bishop even stopped by to congratulate the kids for being role models.

"I want to stress to them the importance of making it part of their daily life- seeing litter where it exists and doing the things that need to be done to abated it," Bishop says.

The future of Moss Point is learning litter isn't just unsightly, it's environmentally unfriendly.

"If you put trash in the water, it could end up in the Gulf of Mexico and harm all of the animals in there," Jackson says.

Hopefully what they've learned today won't end up in the trash tomorrow.

"Keep Moss Point beautiful," the group chants.