Biloxi mayor presents plan to keep sand, debris off Hwy. 90

Biloxi mayor presents plan to keep sand, debris off Hwy. 90

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Big plans are ahead in the City of Biloxi after Hurricane Nate. Officials are hoping some of these plans will help prepare us for the next storm.

We all saw the results of Nate last weekend. Even a Category 1 storm brought significant damage, tearing up piers and covering Hwy. 90 with water and sand.

Sand and debris on the highway is usually an issue with big storms on our coast, but there may be a solution, according to Mayor FoFo Gilich.

Gilich announced a design he says could put a big damper on sand buildup. It involves installing precast sections onto the already existing sea wall.

The finished product would be 14,000 linear feet of 10-foot wide boardwalk, but the mayor wants to start with a test section of 3,500 feet.

"If you precast this, we're talking about 3,500 feet. So, that's 350 of these elements that we would build, but you can install them at a rate of about 100 feet a day," said Gilich.

The test section would be between the Kuhn Street boat launch and the Biloxi Small Craft Harbor. Gilich said it's just a matter of funding and getting the Army Corps of Engineers on board.

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