Residents in Gulfport Cleanup After Severe Weather Floods Their Homes

Monday's severe weather caused flooding problems in some coast neighborhoods especially those already prone to floods. Once the water started receding, residents in those areas began the difficult task of cleaning up the mess left behind. Penny Peterson got an unwelcome surprise when she woke up early Monday morning. "When I got up out my bed this morning at 3:30 I stepped off into water that was ankle deep. I thought my water bed busted," said Peterson.

However, she soon discovered that it wasn't her waterbed but rainwater that had flooded her Gulfport apartment. It was about to get worse.

"I was checking on my vehicle," said Peterson. "When I opened the door the water just gushed in. I actually started crying."

Neighbors in this apartment complex talked of similar feelings of anger and disappointment as they did the best they could to clean up their flooded homes with mops and towels. All around the neighborhood you could see rugs hanging over chairs to dry out but not everything could saved.

Monica Foxworth says the water washed out about six thousand dollars worth of her belongings. "I had a dinette table that was totally ruined. I couldn't salvage that at all," said Foxworth. "A forty four inch big screen t.v. and it won 't even come on. It doesn't work anymore. I had a stereo system. It doesn't work anymore."

Residents say while they have seen their share of flooding, never before has it been so severe. Some aren't waiting around for it to happen again. They plan to move. Others aren't ready to throw in the towel yet.

Denise Corbett said "I really can't say right now but if it's going to be like this again.Yeah I'll be glad to find somewhere else to stay."

Some people sustained a lot more damage than others. One man had two of his cars ruined from the flooding. Residents say the city needs to do more to fix the drainage problems in the area especially since the flooding brought several water moccasins into the neighborhood which pose a danger to their children.

by Danielle Thomas