Ship Island ferry service suspended following storm

Ship Island ferry service suspended following storm

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Gulf Islands National Seashore crews Ship Island on Wednesday for the first time since Hurricane Nate made landfall.

Park Superintendent Dan Brown says that due to the damage caused by the storm, ferry service to the island will be suspended for the rest of this season.

All of the public buildings on the island were flooded with about a foot of water, with parts of the boardwalk washed out.

The pier on Ship Island suffered significant damage, with many of the decking and support boards missing. However, it is structurally sound and should be able to be repaired.

"We had a similar sized storm in 2012, Hurricane Isaac, and it actually did less damage," Brown said. "So we were hoping for less damage, but at least it's something that's relatively easy repairable with some time and money."

Brown is hopeful repairs will be finished by the spring, and the ferry can take passengers to the island again. Engineers will begin making repair cost estimates on Ship Island later in the week.

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