Navy veteran's boat hung up on pier after Hurricane Nate

Navy veteran's boat hung up on pier after Hurricane Nate

PASS CHRISTIAN, MS (WLOX) - A Navy veteran lost his home to devastation from Hurricane Nate. Now, an effort is underway to get a roof over his head.

Boaters have been given the clearance to start moving their vessels back into the harbors, but one steadfast man never left.

Rod Adams' devotion to nautical life was so strong, he decided to live on the water. The "Gulf Queen" is a 28-ft. Carver, and was Adams' home.

When mandatory boat evacuations were ordered at the Pass Christian Harbor,  Adams jumped in to help other boaters first.

"I helped a friend move a sail boat to safe harbors," he said.

The next day he came back to move his boat which he admits had trouble starting. "I grabbed another friend of mine's boat, which I was gonna use to tow this one," Adams recalled.

As the countdown to Nate's landfall neared, everything that could go wrong did. The boat he was on died.

"When it drifted down towards Henderson Point when I got close enough to the beach and swam ashore," said Adams.

By the time Adams got back to his ship, the harbor was a ghost town. Despite efforts to secure the boat,  the "Gulf Queen" was hung up on this pier upon his return.

"I saw it and said well that's the story of my life. Pay for something and then poof, it's gone. that's it," he said.

Now an effort is underway to get this boat down and put a roof over Adams' head.

"The only way to really get this one up is with a crane to limit the damage that would occur if we tried to move it," said Pass Harbor Master Willie Davis.

"He's a lifelong friend. He's a Pass Christian guy and Pass Christian has a bond second to none. We all look out for each other," said Adams' friend Bennie French.

The former Fleet Sailor spent time overseas on a surveillance vessel and destroyer. He's overwhelmed by the help he's gotten so far.

"Every time I think about it I want to tear up and I can't do that because I'm Navy. Go Navy," said Adams.

If you are interested in helping Adams, there is an account set up at Hancock and Whitney banks called: Rob Adams Relief Fund.

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