Gulfport Man Accused Of Setting His Own House On Fire

Felicia Casey is still in shock, as she looks at the shell of what used to be her home on 39th Avenue in Gulfport. She says it's a total loss, and she has not been able to accept what happened. Casey says an argument with her husband, Reggie, early Thursday morning led to the fire.

Felicia Casey says he jumped out of bed and wanted to fight. Casey says she told him she was tired and didn't want to argue with him anymore. So he jumped up, put his clothes on and left the house. Casey says about 15 minutes later, Reggie Casey returned.

Casey says her husband told the kids to put on their shoes and get out of the house. When the kids left, Reggie Casey went to the living room area, poured gas in there and then lit it. Casey called 911, then escaped before the fire spread down the hall. Casey says her husband also set fire to the master bedroom.

Casey says her husband had threatened to burn down the house, but she didn't believe him.  Investigators who scoured through the charred remains of the house say smoke, heat and water damaged just about everything. Casey says she salvaged very little of her belongings.

After talking with her insurance adjuster, she is worried her policy won't cover the damage. Casey says she may be in for a tough fight, because her husband burned his own house down. Casey says she's praying and hoping help will come soon, so she and her four children can try to rebuild their lives. Casey says if she gets some insurance money, she is going to rebuild her house or fix it and move back.

In the meantime, Casey and her kids are staying with her mom. She says her children need clothes and other necessities. Those who would like to help can call Casey at 324-5608.

29-year old Reggie Casey is charged with arson and aggravated domestic violence. He's in the Harrison County Jail under a $1 million bond.

By: Trang Pham-Bui