Suspect dead after Biloxi shooting

(Photo source: WLOX)
(Photo source: WLOX)

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - A 61-year-old Biloxi man is dead after a shooting in the area of Camp Wilkes Rd. and Popp's Ferry Rd., according to police.

Maj. Chris DeBack, with the Biloxi Police Department, said the shooting happened during an incident with police after a reported shoplifting at the Home Depot on Cedar Lake Rd. Police would not say whether officers or the suspect fired a weapon.

DeBack said the shoplifting report came in before 8 a.m. Responding officers noticed a car leaving the parking lot and began a chase after the vehicle failed to stop.

DeBack said the chase continued onto a dirt road off Popp's Ferry Rd.

"They ended up going down a dirt road just across Camp Wilkes here," said Maj. Chris DeBack. "There was a little altercation down there where a taser was deployed. The suspect continued fleeing, almost striking an officer, and then shots were fired."

The suspect was shot and his car crashed into the parking lot of Popp's Ferry Sales and Service.

Resident Stephanie Irwin was nearby when the incident took place. She recalled, "All I saw was the gun at first, and it was pointed toward our building and I didn't see the truck until after. I put everything together and was like, am I going to make it home to see my kids?"

It took two hours before the scene could be cleared.

Mississippi Bureau of Investigation and the Gulfport Police Department Crime Scene Unit were on the scene.

As the investigation continues, authorities say the name of the suspect is not being released at this time.

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