Pascagoula Mayor says they have millions of dollars in damage from Nate

Pascagoula Mayor says they have millions of dollars in damage from Nate
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PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - On Tuesday, the sound of machinery rang throughout south Pascagoula.

A downed gate and bent road signs could be seen along the beach. Crews filled the streets, cleaning up debris splattered across the coastal city by Hurricane Nate.

"Luckily it was a Category 1 we didn't have a hard impact of wind and surge," said Pascagoula Mayor Dane Maxwell.

Unfortunately, that doesn't mean the city was free from destruction.

Pascagoula Mayor Dane Maxwell says the city is facing millions of dollars in damage.

"I'm not a kick the can down the road kind of guy, we're going to get in here and fix it , we're not putting band aids on it," Maxwell said.

To get the ball rolling, Maxwell and Senator Thad Cochran's southern district director took a tour to assess the damage on Tuesday.

"We showed them some of our infrastructure problems that we have with our sewer pipes and water pipes and some of the beachfront erosion, and some of the facilities that we damaged from the storm," Maxwell said.

This includes the JCUA waste water treatment site, where the storm surge damaged some equipment, and Point Park, where the rip-rap took a beating.

"In hope that they will see it and help us get it fixed," Maxwell said.

"A lot of the damage that they currently have began in Katrina, and unfortunately this city didn't capitalize at that time," said Senator Thad Cochran's southern district director Myrtis Frank.

Now in the first hurricane to make landfall in south Mississippi since Katrina is showing just how much work needs to be done. The city will submit its assessment and work to get state and federal funding from there.

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