Biloxi continues construction after Hurricane Nate

Biloxi continues construction after Hurricane Nate

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Hurricane Nate left a good bit of cleanup to do on our coast.

Even though the sights and sounds of construction still permeate the air in east Biloxi, residents are starting to see a light at the end of this project's tunnel.

"Beautiful, beautiful," said Floyd Fortenberry admiring his new driveway and the new sidewalk running in front of his house.

"I have no complaints about it. Once they started, they went to work," said Fortenberry. This isn't to say there haven't been headaches along the way. "It's been terrible, it's been terrible, yeah it's been really bad down here," said Fortenberry's neighbor, Flora Williams.

With the project seeing it's first hurricane blow through over the weekend, fears were that progress would be pushed back. Oscar Renda officials say there was a job-wide clean up and pumps placed throughout the area before Hurricane Nate hit.

According to Oscar Renda, these precautions only allowed the storm to push progress back by a few days. Now, it's back to work. "Oh yeah, since the hurricane, they've been in here big time," said Williams.

Residents throughout the project started to notice a change in pace. "I'm thinking they're doing a real nice job speeding up the work and getting to it," said Trevose Pritchett who has lived in the middle of the construction for its duration.

Dennis Roberts has also had a front row seat to the action since the project started. He said the construction has had its ups and downs. "Everything works slow sometimes, but I'll deal with it I guess," said Roberts.

There has been dust, potholes, and a lot to deal with at times, but Roberts says it'll be worth it once the project's finished. "We'll have brand new roads, sewers, water lines, all that stuff," said Roberts.

The work on the contract north of the tracks is projected to be complete sometime in 2018.

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