First Responders Train With DuPont Workers

Some Harrison County emergency responders received hands-on training this week on how to handle trouble on the railroad tracks.

DuPont brought the company's specially designed rail training cars to the DeLisle plant this week. The company then invited hazmat responders from the community to train with its workers.

The company says it benefits everyone to sharpen their skills to handle derailments and leaks, and to know the potential dangers of the chemicals traveling the tracks.

"We came here because Dupont is recognized nationwide as the leader when it come to safety and security of chemicals. And so we now will be able to take this information back and present this through training to our volunteer and paid personnel throughout the ten stations of Harrison County, particularly the stations located in West Harrison and the Cuevas Fire Districts," Harrison County Hazmat Project Officer Tom Bartlett said.

Thursday's session wrapped up four days of training for the first responders.