Tropical Storm Ophelia to become a hurricane, no threat

Tropical Storm Ophelia to become a hurricane, no threat

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Tropical Depression 17 formed early Monday morning in the east Atlantic Ocean. And, within hours, it intensified and became Tropical Storm Ophelia.

"This system is located out in the east Atlantic and poses no threat to land," said WLOX First Alert Meteorologist Wesley Williams.

Ophelia is expected to slowly drift eastward this week, gradually strengthening. Ophelia could become a hurricane, according to a Monday forecast from the National Hurricane Center.

There are no tropical threats to the Gulf Coast this week.

"Fresh off of a Hurricane Nate landfall, a lot of South Mississippians' nerves are likely on edge when it comes to tropics," Williams said. "So, hopefully they appreciate the heads up on this system even though it's not a threat."

"We just want them to know about it so that they're not caught off-guard when they may hear people talking about Ophelia later on. That way they'll know where it is and know it's not a threat. That's why we're letting them know about it. Not because we think it's a threat."

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