Man's Death Still Has Family Asking Questions

Kevin McGhee was last seen early in the morning of January 27, 2004, hours after he was in a Biloxi lounge.

"He hadn't shown up for work in a couple of days and that appeared a little strange for him and his characteristics to not show up," says Biloxi Police Investigator Michael Shaw.

A few days later, McGhee's body turned up in the water near Deer Island. He died from drowning. His family can accept that he drowned. But his sister has a lot of other questions.

Where was his wallet? Where were his shoes and socks? And why on a cold January night was Kevin in the water wearing only a T-shirt and shorts?

His sister Karla Owens, says, "His car keys were at home. He had just bought some things at Walmart that morning. We found it on the tape at Walmart. So even it if was an accident, there was some foul play that went along with it."

But Investigator Shaw can't prove foul play. After four months, the leads dried up and the case went to the inactive file.

"If somebody comes in today with additional information we'll pick it up and run again."

"What's sad is he left this world with a nine-year-old daughter that will never know how her daddy really died and I have no answers for her. And I feel like there are some people on the Mississippi Gulf Coast that, either he lived with, or he worked with, that know something," Owens says.

Until someone comes forward with answers, Kevin's family can only wonder what happened to him. At the time of his death, Kevin McGhee worked as a chef at the Palace Casino and had just been promoted.