Pascagoula officials clear debris from Nate

Pascagoula officials clear debris from Nate

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Leah Rollins is amazed at what's left of the large oak tree that toppled over during last night's storm.

"We were blessed and fortunate that the tree didn't fall on the house," said Rollins.

Now the Rollins family is working to get things back to normal with all hands on deck. With the help of her three young grandchildren, she hopes to clean up the debris from Hurricane Nate as quickly as possible.

"It was their idea to come out and help. The children still have an interest in doing some positive things," said Rollins.

It wasn't just a family affair. The City of Pascagoula quickly came out to help ease the burden of the clean up, quickly removing all the all the broken branches.

Rollins is just happy that the once rotting tree is now down for good.

She was expecting much more damage, but is relieved that her home, neighborhood and family business across the street were spared.

As far as what's left of the tree, Rollins said, "We'll have to cut it down to a stump and probably leave it there for some history and some character."

It'll also make for a great story.

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