Moss Point Couple Claims Alderman Is Stalking Them

A Moss Point Alderman has been accused of stalking some of his constituents. Thursday, William Jackson and Melissa Stafford filed a stalking complaint and a trespassing charge against Ward Five Alderman Tommy Hightower.

The couple says Hightower has followed them around town and into other coast cities and they feel harassed. They say it all began during the spring campaign season.

"He knocked on our door and asked for our vote. I told him I wasn't going to vote for him," Jackson said.

"William told him to get out of the yard several times before he did leave," Stafford said.

Stafford and Jackson say it didn't stop there.

"Mr. Hightower started following us around," Jackson said.

"I've seen him at Walgreens. I've seen him at Walmart," Stafford added.

Those incidents, they say, happened in Pascagoula. They claim another occurred at Casino Magic in Biloxi when Hightower followed them from the gaming floor to the buffet.

"He's not even eating. He's just staring at us," Stafford said.

Stafford and Jackson insist all the meetings are no coincidences.

"No, I don't think so. No coincidence happens that many times," Jackson said.

"The man is stalking us, I know that. It's just too many times over and over again. I just wish he would leave us alone," Stafford said.

Tommy Hightower says he has no clue what the couple is talking about.

"I'm not stalking them. This is a small community. I run into people each day at Walmart and other places of business. It's a coincidence I ran into them at the casino having lunch," Hightower said.

The charges have him baffled.

"That is the most unequivocal, outright unfounded charge in my life. It's absolutely wrong. It's an attack on my character, my integrity and my public service."

Hightower says he will do everything he can to defend himself in court.

Jackson and Stafford say they plan to file a stalking complaint against Hightower Friday in Pascagoula. The trespassing charge in Moss Point is a misdemeanor.

Alderman Hightower has not been arrested.