Biloxi firefighters pass out fliers ahead of TS Nate

Biloxi firefighters pass out fliers ahead of TS Nate

(WLOX) - The City of Biloxi is taking steps to make sure people enjoying Cruisin' the Coast stay weather-conscious as Tropical Storm Nate sets sights on the Gulf Coast.

Biloxi firefighters passed out fliers along Highway 90 to encourage people to pay attention to weather forecasts.

Classic car owners from out of town say they're not willing to chance any storm damage to some of their most prized possessions.Tammy Rogers, a resident of Beaumont, Texas is especially cautious now since Harvey left her neighborhood flooded.

"We're probably going to leave tomorrow because of the weather coming in. We were in Harvey a few weeks ago in Beaumont.  We were in the middle of it, and we don't want to be in that again," she said.

The City of Biloxi is issuing alerts to avoid a potential traffic jam of vehicles trying to leave town all at once. City spokesman Vincent Creel says the city sent out the alert not to alarm people, but to remind them to make smart decisions.

"Since the weather will be threatening, Friday night, and Saturday morning, we think that perhaps they should consider cutting their visit short. What we want everyone to know is that we have threatening weather coming this weekend," Creel stated. "We have thousands of visitors in town right now. We have more than 700 R.V.'s along our waterfront. We feel it's prudent for them to continue to monitor the weather reports."

Captain Brian Rouse with the Biloxi Fire Department says most cruisers he's talked to while giving out the fliers are remaining calm while planning to heed the warning.

Rouse noted, "We're getting a positive response, you know most people down here camping are local people, or from the surrounding area. Anywhere from north of New Orleans to Mobile and north, they pretty much know the scenario."

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