Cruisers keeping close eye on Nate

Cruisers keeping close eye on Nate

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - We're all keeping a close eye on the tropical threat projected to possibly come our way, and so are our visitors.

"It's making me nervous, because I'm pulling this thing in an open trailer, and it's never seen the rain," said Steve Wheeler after shining up his '55 Chevy.

Wheeler was thinking about packing up and heading back home to Louisiana early. He

met up with his friends here for a week of rolling along the beach and taking in the sights at Cruisin' the Coast. One of his friends, Bill Foster, drove straight down from Alaska for the trip and is holding out hope that he'll be able to stay.

"4,700 miles I drove all the way to get here, so we're going to enjoy it. We're having a good time," said Foster.

Foster and Paul Green say they were planning a cookout this weekend, but they're watching the weather closely to see if those plans will have to change.

"We're going to have that all boxed up and ready to go so we can pull out before the traffic gets real bad," Green said.

Going home early certainly wasn't in the plans for many of the thousands of visitors camping out on the coast this week.

"It's making me mad, because we might have to leave early because we're having so much fun. We don't want to cut our fun in half," said Theo Jordan from Louisiana.

"I don't know what's going to happen. We'll just have to wait and see I guess," said Tommy Wheeler, from Mobile, AL.

Wheeler and his friends were trying to get things back up and running on their classic car just in case they have to hit the road early.

"We've got some rolling real estate around here. We need to get it home before the storm hits for sure," said Wheeler.

Even though the storm hitting isn't a sure bet, it's always better to be on the safe side. The City of Biloxi is asking cruisers to consider leaving before the storm.

The WLOX First Alert Weather Team will keep you in the loop as new information is made available on the storm.

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