WLOX Editorial: When will it end?

WLOX Editorial: When will it end?

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - We once again find ourselves talking about horrific, terroristic actions of a deranged madman.  A man who opened fire on Las Vegas concert goers killing more than 50 and injuring hundreds of others. There are no words to comfort the victims and families, there are no magic sayings to expedite the healing of our once again wounded nation.

Time after time, mass shooting after mass shooting our responses become predictable. Some people will point fingers at lax gun control laws. Others will speak of the need for better mental health recognition and treatment in our country. But little will change other than our Facebook profile pictures that will now be filled with "Pray for Las Vegas" images.

Domestic terrorism may be the greatest threat facing our country's safety. Sadly, however, there is little hope that our elected officials will have real debate on how to address the issue. Dealing with, and finding solutions to our country's greatest problems have long ago taken a back seat to partisan politics.

If a shooter gunning down congressmen at a softball field can't bring the two parties together to discuss solutions, we wonder if there's a chance what happened in Las Vegas will. And that's why this country will weep now, because we know as we mourn for those lives lost in this week's shooting, we also fear this isn't the last time we will be left shaking our heads and wondering when it will end?

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Rick Williams
WLOX-TV General Manager

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