WLOX Editorial: 8-year-old hero

WLOX Editorial: 8-year-old hero

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - As we rush through the hours and days of our lives, working, going to school, caring for our families, we sometimes don't realize the impact we and the events around us have on our children. Sometimes we may think they are not paying attention, and at other times their actions amaze us and cause us to take pause. One of those children is 8-year-old Lilly Bice.

Lilly was paying attention and saw the impact Hurricane Harvey had on families and children just like her. Lilly packed up a favorite doll and her clothes and other toys and donated to the cause.

Now Walmart recognized Lilly as an Everyday Hero. We agree she is a hero and an example of the kind of person we should all strive to be. That's our opinion, we would like to hear yours. Email your thoughts to editorials@wlox.com.

Rick Williams
WLOX-TV General Manager

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