Cruisin' campers begin to line Highway 90

Cruisers already Campin' out on HWY 90

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Mike Goldman of Meridian has been setting up his own cruise central at the corner of Highway 90 and 605 in Gulfport since Hurricane Katrina.

He, like thousands of others, want to be up close and personal – just yards away from the action.

"It's just right in the middle of everything," he said. "When I first stayed here before, right after the storm, no street lights, nothing right by myself in the RV. So, we toughed it out and it turned into what it is today."

He and a few friends made camp a little earlier than usual. And, of course, they brought their cars.

"We just get jumpy and want to get on down here, get set up so we saw an opportunity to come ahead early."

By next week, he expects 17 campers on the property. Friend David Roddie made his way early as well.

"I tell you, we love this Coast," Roddie said. "There's good people down here. There's not a problem in the world. You come down here and have a good time. You got to understand the traffic and be just a little patient with them, but everything moves."

Rene Darby and his crew of about 30 friends and family, also enjoy a closeup with the cars - despite the constant noise.

"You have enough to drink, you go to sleep at night, you don't hear it," Darby added with a smile.

It's pretty easy to spot the Gearhead Cruizers' new camp - just east of Edgewater Mall. It's big, but they likely will fill all 6.7 acres - cars up front, and campers to the back.

"It all works up to this," said one member. "Everything works up to Cruisin' the Coast. This is the biggest car show, party in the world."

It's a good match for the eight-year-old Coast group.

"We cruise probably the first three or four days, then it gets so crowded," he said. "We just stay here and party."

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