New parties join Margaritaville expansion lawsuit

New parties join Margaritaville expansion lawsuit

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Margaritaville's planned $140 million expansion project remains contingent on a lawsuit filed earlier in the year against the Secretary of State's office.

Now, the City of Biloxi, Biloxi City Schools, and Harrison County have all filed motions to join the lawsuit.

The courts will likely decide if Margaritaville has the right to build on an area west of the current resort, an area the state claims it has the right to do.

According to City of Biloxi spokesman Vincent Creel, attorneys for the secretary of state have filed counter motions saying the city, school district, and county should not be allowed to intervene in the lawsuit.

"We will lose future revenue if he's successful in taking this land because that means it will come off the tax rolls. It will then be tidelands money. It's just something that we hope is going to be resolved so that we can move forward with Margaritaville," said Creel.

Sec. Delbert Hosemann added, "Everyone of these suits someone says they own it or don't own it. We just go through the process. If the court says you own it then we need to pay for it. If they don't then it's the property of the State of Mississippi and we need to keep it that way."

The parties of the lawsuit are waiting for a judge to be appointed to the case. Two judges have previously recused themselves.

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