Page 13: Hidden treasures of Biloxi

Page 13: Hidden treasures of Biloxi

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Biloxi has gone through so many changes over the years. In a city that is more than 300 years old, there are plenty of great stories.

You can read some of them in a book titled "Lost Biloxi".

Written by historian Edmond Boudreaux, the book takes readers on a journey through the pages of time. Stories about and photographs of  Biloxi's most cherished and iconic landmarks highlight one of America's oldest communities.

Established in 1699, Biloxi's rich heritage is much like a treasure chest for Boudreaux who loves learning and enjoys sharing with others.

"It's the greatest pleasure I have in life to find out something I did not know about Biloxi and be able to bring it to life and give it to people to read and see what it was like," said Boudreaux.

The Pleasant Reed House on the Ohr Museum campus is featured in the book. The home, built in 1887 by former slave Pleasant Reed is part of post-civil war African American history in Biloxi.

"It's a point in Biloxi history where a man goes from slavery to being a free man and becoming a very influential person in Biloxi," said Boudreaux.

The book includes some great redemption stories. Four Homes owned by the White family were turned into the White House Hotel in 1895. An ambitious restoration project put the historic property back in business in the 21st century.

Interest in history is all about remembering significant people, places, and events with a personal touch.

"Childhood memories for people and history of the coast from locals is what fuels interest in every structure that ever existed in Biloxi," he added.

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