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Helena Residents Fear Aster Street Speeders

Every time little Nashiela plays outside, her mother crystal Merrill worries. That's because during certain periods of the day, Merrill says the street in front of their house Aster Street becomes a speed zone.

"It's just too fast. We can't even walk across the street without jumping."

One time Merrill says her concern turned into fear.

"My father-in-law and his daughter, my sister-in-law, had her son and my daughter and they were walking across the street. They got to his mailbox and a car just flew by. They said it swerved at them. They started screaming and I came running out because I thought my kid got hit."

Merrill says she wants something done before it's too late.

"I'm worried something's going to happen to my kids or my dogs. Speed bumps, anything would help it. I'm just too paranoid in my own front yard."

Supervisor Manly Barton says county leaders are listening.

"I can assure her that somebody will look at the problem. We'll look at two or three things that we might could do out there, in addition to contacting the sheriff and looking at it from a traffic stand point," Barton says.

For Merrill any help at all could be the difference between life and death in her front yard.

By Jaimee Goad

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