Students host 'Flowers for Sophia' fundraiser

Students host 'Flowers for Sophia' fundraiser
The paper flowers will be brought to the Myers' home to be put in Sophia's Secret Garden. (Photo Source: WLOX)
The paper flowers will be brought to the Myers' home to be put in Sophia's Secret Garden. (Photo Source: WLOX)

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - What can a dollar buy you these days? Not much, but on Friday it was used to buy a paper flower with a special message to give to a girl who is fighting for her life.

Sophia Myers, a young girl from Ocean Springs, has been battling DIPG, a rare form of childhood brain cancer. The art department and Student Council at D'Iberville Middle School rallied behind Myers after hearing about her disease.

They wanted to donate whatever they could to her family, so they put together this flower drive in a matter of days.

Connely Bosarge, a 7th grader, helped organize the fundraiser. She was inspired to get her classmates involved with the project.

"It makes me feel really happy that I'm able to help do something that means so much to me. I've been going and watching her on Facebook and I've been with her for the whole story. I'm just excited that I get to do something to help," said Bosarge.

Compassion is the biggest principle the students at the middle school are expected to live by.

"It makes me feel wonderful that the student body at D'Iberville Middle School is so loving and that they're pouring out their hearts and love for Sophia and they all have just come together to do whatever they can to just help," said art teacher Danea Israel.

At home, Sophia has a secret garden in her yard with tons of special flowers in it. The paper blossoms that are being created are going in her bedroom to bring a bit of what's outside closer to her.

"Her bedroom is done in a garden theme and we wanted to string them up so she can hang them in her bedroom and see all of the beautiful flowers people have made for her," added Israel.

The D'Iberville Warriors who donated believe that flowers can brighten up even the darkest days. They want nothing more than to let Sophia know they love her.

"We just want to make her happy, and sort of take her mind off of what's going on for a bit and, you know, just give her a good feeling for a little bit," said Hailee Sexton.

The students raised a total of $565 dollars and made 480 flowers. They will continue to sell flowers at the football game between D'Iberville and Ocean Springs.

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