Jackson County eyesore coming down

Jackson County eyesore coming down

ST. MARTIN, MS (WLOX) - After years of legal battles and just a month shy of five years since it burned, the old Howard Johnson Hotel in St. Martin is coming down.

It's been called an eyesore since it was left in a charred state in October of 2012. Now, demolition crews are on site making sure it's torn to the ground.

Before that could happen, county Supervisor Troy Ross took a ceremonial first swing at the building with a sledgehammer.

This project is something that's been on the county's to do list ever since the property owner didn't take demolition action at the site.

Jackson Co. supervisors vote to demolish burned Howard Johnson Hotel

"I know everyone felt probably the way I did. We keep talking about tearing it down, and we all agreed it needed to go, but no one really believed it would ever happen," said Ross. So, being able to take the first swing gave me that satisfaction knowing that after all these years, it's really coming down.

The county is limited to a $20,000 cap for this fiscal year for the project. That means whatever work is not finished within that $20,000 this year will have to be finished next fiscal year.

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