Biloxi cop featured in September issue of Glamour magazine

Biloxi cop featured in September issue of Glamour magazine

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - If you flip through the pages of the September issue of Glamour magazine, you'll see a familiar face. A Biloxi cop was chosen to represent Mississippi in an article titled "50 States of Women."

Unlike many women's magazines, this article didn't choose her for her looks. Instead, it chose her for her thoughts on self-worth and values.

"I believe bad experiences mold us into the people we're meant to be," is a quote from Ashleigh Pack used in the latest edition of Glamour magazine.

The national publication contacted Biloxi police about interviewing an officer for the article. Patrol Commander Jim Adamo said Pack being chosen comes as no surprise.

"Just amazingly punctual, very thorough, just very professional when she has contact with people. We're just hugely proud of Ashleigh as a police officer, as a person, of course. We're just thrilled that she was selected," said Adamo.

Two thousand women were interviewed for the article, but only 50 of them were selected to represent their state. Pack was picked to for the Magnolia State.

"I was a bit surprised and a little nervous, cause I wasn't really sure what of my essay they were going to include," said Pack.

She was asked questions like what is something you've overcome or accomplished?

"In that, I responded with my career. It's been a huge part of my life. So that's something I feel I've overcome and accomplished," Pack explained.

Pack hopes her part in the magazine will motivate other women to be persistent about their goals despite the obstacles.

"Being able to push forward in this career, I could have easily taken the easy route, and I'm little. I'm a female. I can't do this or do that. They're not going to take me seriously, and whether that be the people on the street or the people I work with. I could have used that as a cop out, and I chose not to, and I think if more people would chose not to use cop outs, then they could accomplish things they tell themselves they can't," said Pack.

Pack has worn a badge for nine years now. She's one of five female officers at the Biloxi Police Department and works on everything from patrol to investigating sexual assaults.

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