West Wortham paving project will clear up traffic, safety issues

West Wortham paving project will clear up traffic, safety issues

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - An effort is underway to bring more safety measures to a Harrison County school. For those getting students to and from West Wortham Elementary, things can get a little scary with the school being right next to a busy road.

"It just seems really dangerous, because at the same time you're dismissing these kids, you have all the teenage and high school kids driving through too," said parent Gina Holland.

Safety is the main motivator behind Principal Don Cuevas wanting to take action. Cuevas went to the school board with an idea, and they ran with it.

"In the morning, drop off, in the afternoon, we have two different lanes coming in. We have kids crossing," said Cuevas. "To alleviate that traffic, we're trying to have a car rider loop put in. That car rider loop that we are building will enable all the cars to be on our side of the road and parked in our top parking deck."

It's only a 260-foot section of road, but seeing the progress of its construction brings deputy Walter Eighmey some relief after spending countless mornings and afternoons trying to maintain order at the busy thoroughfare.

"We've had so many close calls with traffic, because they'll pull off to the side of the road, and they don't want to get too far over because they'll get stuck, so they'll basically be in the middle of the road," said Eighmey.

Eighmey and school officials are hoping that adding a new route for car riders will keep the close calls from ever happening in the first place.

The school has scheduled two information sessions to keep parents and guardians up to date. Those sessions are Tuesday evening at 5:30 and Wednesday evening at 6.

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