Loved ones turn to Facebook for Puerto Rico updates

Loved ones turn to Facebook for Puerto Rico updates

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - People with family members in Puerto Rico are continuing to reach out in an attempt to make any form of contact.

With much of the island's communication and electricity infrastructure in ruins, those attempts have mostly been ineffective.

But for the Machados the news is getting better by the day.

"The bridges are collapsed, the inundation of water. And our family in Ponce, we haven't gotten a hold of them. That's my husband's side of the family, unfortunately, we haven't had any communication with them at all," said a family member.

The Machados have been utilizing the PR Informa Facebook page to track conditions and communications on the island.

They say it has been a wonderful tool that has allowed family members on the mainland to get in touch with those in Puerto Rico.

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