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Burn Victim's Family Needs Help

Amanda Broadhead's husband, with a pot of hot grease in hand, tripped and accidently spilled the flaming liquid on her in their home Saturday night. Now, at seven months pregnant, Amanda faces a long hospital stay with burns on her back and the side of her neck.

"She can't talk. She's on a ventilator, so she just points and we have to read her lips when she tells us what," Amanda's mother Lori Seybert said.

Amanda and her husband Joseph have a two year old daughter. The baby she now carries is a little boy. Once doctors start doing skin grafts on Amanda, they'll have to induce labor. 

"She's gonna have to undergo several skin grafts, different parts of her body to repair where the third degree burns were. In order to do that, they can't leave the baby in there. They'll have to take him out, so he will be a premie."

Amanda's Medicaid will take care of the baby's expenses. But without insurance, the family needs help paying for Amanda's treatment. 

"Joseph's got to work, so he'll have to be driving back and forth every day for the next month, so I guess that's proably the main thing. The fact that it's going to keep going up and up and up and they still have bills and everything here."

If you'd like to help with the bills, you can make a donation in the family's name at any Merchants and Marine Bank in Jackson County.

byMarcia Hill

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