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Coast Researchers Grow Trout In Indoor Tanks

An experiment involving speckled sea trout is proving successful at the Gulf Coast Research Lab in Ocean Springs. For the first time in Mississippi, researchers are raising the trout in tanks.

Tuesday, the 36-day old trout were moved from their nursery to a greenhouse so they can keep growing.

Biologists say trout is very popular among anglers, and there's widespread interest in maintaining a strong population.

"This is the first time for this particular system that we're using to raise them. There are people that do raise sea trout, but they usually do it in ponds. We're doing it indoors in tanks," Marine Biologist Dr. Reg Blaylock said.

The eggs from which the trout hatched came from a Texas aquaculture operation.

Dr. Blaylok says they've been successful in hatching and raising other species like red snapper.

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