Pascagoula Teachers concerned about family in Puerto Rico

Pascagoula Teachers concerned about family in Puerto Rico

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Some teachers and staff members working in the Pascagoula - Gautier School district are worried sick about family and friends in Puerto Rico.

Doris Melendez loves what she does at Arlington Heights Elementary School, working with young bright children on a daily basis. However, right now there's something else is on her mind.

"It's catastrophic over there. We have no power. We have no communication which is the worst thing that I think we have to endure now," said Melendez.

Most of her family is nearly 2,000 miles away in Puerto Rico after Category 5 Hurricane Maria made landfall.

"We don't know about our families. We don't know about our friends. We don't know if they're ok. We don't know if they're alive," added Melendez.

She's not the only one at the school dealing with the same set of circumstances.

"You keep calling and calling and calling and you can't get in touch with them. That's the worst part," said child nutritionist, Majorie Vargis.

Both are hoping for the best while managing to do their jobs during a time of uncertainty.

"You are Puerto Rican, your family is there. But at the same time, you have to show your best face," said Melendez.

In a Facebook post, Pascagoula - Gautier Superintendent Wayne Rodolfich says he spoke to Puerto Rican employees of the district, and that he's ready to accept their families into the school system.

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