D'Iberville firefighters getting real-world training

D'Iberville firefighters getting real-world training

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - The D'Iberville Fire Department is taking its training into the real world. Thanks to the City of D'Iberville, they have the perfect classrooms to learn.

The training is taking place in an abandoned house on Popp's Ferry Road that was purchased by the city and destined to be razed when the road is widened.

"You train so you don't forget. It's more keeping your bearings, knowing what you're doing," said 15 year veteran firefighter, Clinton Foreman. "I mean, a lot of people just, I guess, get tunnel vision. I mean, you just got to know what you're doing."

For Chad McCreary, it's all new. He's been with the department for only eight months, and his real-life firefighting experience is limited.

"You pretty much want to make a good impression on the people that have trained you," McCreary said.

On Friday, the simulation was kicked up a notch: A firefighter was down.

McCreary's goal was a simple one.

"I just want to make sure I get it right and get it quick, and I'm not wasting too much air inside," McCreary said. "You know, get in, make sure we find our simulated victim and get out in a timely manner."

The training, which also including roof top venting procedures, will continue through next week for all 30 firefighters in the department.

"It's not every day we get the opportunity to utilize a house or a business or any type of structure," said training coordinator Joel Mayfield. "We like to utilize them to the best of our ability and get as many scenarios as realistic as we can so that way, when the bad stuff really happens, we can actually get out there and take care of business."

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