East Biloxi business owner frustrated with construction

East Biloxi business owner frustrated with construction

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Not a new problem, construction in East Biloxi is making it hard for one Division Street business to operate.

"It has hurt me," said Coast Dealing Academy owner John Montella. "I'm probably down 50 percent, at least."

Montella understands that the work needs to be done, but it's made his school - which sits between Hopkins and Bohn streets - nearly invisible.

"That has been since people find they have a hard time getting in this area, and people do not want to come in this area because of this," he said.

Both intersections at Hopkins and Bohn are currently closed, making it difficult to access the school. Montella wants communication about when the construction will end.

"No one, by the way, from the city has ever said anything to us like 'Give us some time. We're going to have this done in such and such.' No one's ever done that," Montella said. "It's just go for yourself, you're on your own, and that's pretty much the way we've been here."

City spokesman Vincent Creel paid a visit to Montella's school after hearing about his troubles.

"There's really, when you get down to it, there's no excuse for this," Creel said. "Somebody from the contractor, or somebody that's overseeing this project, should have said something to this business owner on when we were going to be here, and when we were going to be out of here."

Creel was able to give Montella some good news about the ongoing problem.

"They are going to be out of here in three weeks, said Creel. "This Division Street that you see behind me, is going to be paved from red light to red light, so people can get to his location."

It's a welcome announcement for Montella, who looks forward to having a full school of students in just a matter of weeks.

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