Goose finds home at Diamondhead Community Center

Goose finds home at Diamondhead Community Center

DIAMONDHEAD, MS (WLOX) - One goose in Diamondhead has undeniably found a favorite hangout at the Diamondhead Community Center. Workers say they have seen him there for the past two years now.

"He has been coming around for the last two years that I've been here," Donna Goedde. "He seems to like me I don't know why. I talk sweet to him. He's like our little guard bird."

Every day, the goose pays a visit and pops his head up through the windows to take a gander inside.

Geodde says she even gave the feathery friend a name.

"My husband's a truck driver on his way to Gatlinburg and I was telling him on the phone about the goose and he says name him Gatlinbird."

Workers say they believe Gatlinbird is a male who may have lost his partner.

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