Gulfport, HCUA reach partial settlement over garbage contracts

Gulfport, HCUA reach partial settlement over garbage contracts

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - It appears the City of Gulfport and Harrison County Utility Authority have reached a partial settlement regarding the city's decision to break its garbage and recycling contract with HCUA.

HCUA attorney Jim Simpson said the agreement will allow Gulfport to keep its contract with Waste Pro, and HCUA will proceed with its contract with Pelican Waste and Team Waste.

However, both sides will still fight over what Gulfport owes, if anything, as a result of its decision to break away from the HCUA garbage contract.

Last month, HCUA filed a lawsuit against the city in Harrison County Chancery Court, seeking a judgement to force the city to stay in the county-wide garbage contract.

Utility authority sues Gulfport over garbage contract

According to attorney Tim Holleman, HCUA believes Gulfport owes $1.47 million to other member agencies for exiting the garbage agreement.  As part of the partial settlement, Gulfport has agreed to escrow that money by paying monthly installments of $20,423 starting in October.

A court will ultimately decide if Gulfport will have to pay the money claimed by HCUA. HCUA released this statement Wednesday morning:

Today, the HCUA board and member agencies agreed to allow Gulfport to proceed with their solid waste contract with WastePro starting October 1, 2017, provided Gulfport escrow the funds the HCUA believes Gulfport owes the other member agencies for exiting its 1991 Solid Waste Agreement.

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