Coast Folks Decide Rain Is Enough To Make Up For Drought

Just about everyone here on the coast has welcomed the abundant rainfall we've seen the past few days, including Barbara Nalley of Gulfport. For weeks, her flower garden has needed lots of extra attention. The lack of rain meant she had to water her plants every other day to keep them from dying. Now that the rain has come back, she thinks her garden can make a come back too.

"With the two significant rain falls we had Thursday of last week and then yesterday, it's certainly enough to sustain it for quite sometime," she said.

A rainy day is both good and bad news at a fruit stand in Gulfport. Owners say wet weather means fewer customers come in to shop, but the rain does help local farmers who are having a tough time watering their fields.

"I feel that the amount of rain that we've had right now, if it keeps up I think it's gonna [help] the local farmers," fruit stand owner Sherry Jones said. "I think they'll be back on track with their crops. I think they'll be able to salvage most of them."

However, not everyone is convinced that the recent rain is enough to make up for the long dry spell. According to weather experts, even with the recent heavy rain, the coast is still lagging behind it's normal rainfall totals for the year.

Biloxi normally has seen about 25 inches of rain by this time of year. So far, there's been about 18 inches, so rainfall is still about 7 inches below normal. These totals are for Biloxi, other areas that have gotten more rain may be closer to the normal average.

by Danielle Thomas