Gulfport residents voice opinions on trash service

Gulfport residents voice opinions on trash service

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Gulfport residents were given an opportunity, Monday, to voice their concerns about their trash pickup services. Meanwhile, Gulfport is beginning a court battle with the Harrison County Utility Authority after making the decision to part ways on collection agencies.

"If the other guy says, 'This is too much to pick up,' do they call the other truck instead of letting it sit there for a few weeks and it killing the grass on the tree line?" one angry resident at the meeting asked.

"About four weeks ago when I had a small pile, it sat there for two weeks. I ended up just picking it up and throwing it in my truck and hauling it off myself," said resident James Vickers. "It got to the point where about a month ago, I had a small pile and I had to call Waste Pro again and it sat out there for two weeks. I had to take it somewhere myself."

And there were others with complaints similar to Vickers.

"There's a bulk pile of tree debris just sitting there. It's been sitting there for three weeks," said another resident at the meeting.

Waste Pro officials did their best to answer as many questions as possible. This was just the first of several meetings taking place in Gulfport, allowing for one-on-one conversation with city leaders and Waste Pro representatives on the status of the trash pickup.

"Sorry Waste Pro.I like you a lot, but if you don't do your job, I'm firing you. How do we know that if they call one time that either they're gonna do it or they're gonna get in trouble?" asked Gulfport Councilman R. Lee Flowers during the meeting.

"That contract can be terminated at any given time. There's nothing that's actually binding it into place," said a representative from Waste Pro.

Many residents are just hoping to get the services for which they've already paid.

"We'll see. TIme will tell. I hope so," said Vickers.

The city is currently in a legal battle with the HCUA over whether it legally inked the agreement with Waste Pro when the county chose to sign another collection agency. Those hearings resume Thursday.

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