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Ocean Springs Residents Have Mixed Feelings About City's Growth

Piece by piece a new Ocean Springs strip mall takes shape. For many, it's another reminder of how this town is becoming more like other coast cities.

Mocha Moose Coffee Shop Owner Betty Goodman remembers the little community she grew up in years ago.

"This used to be a quaint little town. Everybody knew everybody. It was just a nice, quiet little town."

Bit by bit, Goodman says the town she once knew is being chipped away.

"Over time, the landmark places have been torn down and replaced by offices and condos."

However, Rachael Motakhaveri isn't bothered by the new Washington Avenue construction or any other development.

"I don't mind if they have a few banks and ugly buildings amongst them, because the oak trees make up for it. And the shops that are still there make up for it."

The shops are what drew Lisa Johnson to visit Ocean Springs.

"I love the shopping here. I love to go into the little unique shops. They have a lot of different things that I just can't get in Hattiesburg or the surrounding big cities."

Elihu Carranza sees the development too, and is glad to know there are groups out there preserving what's left.

"People are more concerned with preserving the quaintness that you were talking about. I think that's good. I think the quality of Ocean Springs is good."

"I think there's room to share the old and the new," Motakhaveri says.

By Jaimee Goad

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